Snowmageddonapocalyptofinitusfinitatus 2014

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One of the problems with the downtown core is a lack of land, which often leads homeowners to do what I call pushcart clearing: you take a shovel, you push it forward, and after making what looks like a flat gully in one pass, you go back inside, satisfied the narrow trail will suffice for the rest of the week.

Anyone who grew up in the ‘burbs or 905 where driveways are big / deep / wide knows it makes sense to clear the load to ensure it’s less of a headache later on. Translation: do it right, and clear things so it’s more than a passable walkway, day & night. It stops the buildup of ice, and also looks nice when there’s a clean wide passage leading to a home’s major entry points.

This is what lay before me around 12:30pm

Yes, another shot from Life 6 Feet Under


And this is how it looked when done properly:

Ah, clean non-litiginous steps.

Wide enough for an elephant, if not you carrying groceries.


After shoveling the snow to the house’s small garden, I trekked to get rid of some errands, and continue taking snapshots of the area using a small Canon that did extremely well in bright light and wet weather, but faltered with shitty batteries (OEM and non-OEM) which couldn’t handle Canadian winter.

Broadview subway station


Always liked the way streetcars, buses, and cars leave unique tracks in the snowy mush:


Big City Bus!



And then there’s the small laneways where snow blows crazily and assaults poor passersby.

Can't see the lonely man?


Like this guy.

Ya! I see him!


Parting Shots A:

Wanna picnic? There are no wasps today.

Jimmy Durante was wrong: the millions are under the big 'V'.

I think it's protecting the graffiti from city pinheads.

Blustery drifty snow.


I did get my vegetables, fruits, Fisherman’s Friend, and managed to entertain and scare people with a full beard speckled with snow. The drugstore clerk was disturbed, so I kept smiling.

Parting Shot B:

Not Muskoka. DANFORTH!

— 30 —

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