Degrees of Separation from Twilight Time

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Title translation: 'My bread is over-sinned'

Just uploaded are a pair of Blu-rays that contain a ‘few’ degrees of separation – aka, lots of amusing links and coincidences.

Desirée [M] (1954) co-stars Marlon Brando and Jean Simmons, two actors who were supposed to co-star in The Egyptian [M] (1954) until Brando bailed, and was legally ‘cajoled’ into honoring his Fox contract by appearing as Napoleon, the historic figure who established the Napoleonic Code with which Stanley Kowalski (Brando) bullied Blanche DuBois in Streetcar Named Desire (1952), a film that, like Desirée, was scored by Alex North.

Like Vertigo, Bell Book and Candle [M] (1958) co-stars James Stewart and Kim Novak, with Novak also supported by actress Janice Rule, who was the original Madge in Picnic [M] (1955) but was passed over in favour of Novak. Picnic and Bell were both scored by George Duning, and both scripts were written by Daniel Taradash, who also wrote Desirée, which brings us full circle in this fascinating ‘few’ degrees of separation game.

Next week’s trivia challenge: which type of rolled oats were used in breakfast & horse feeding scenes in 13 Fox films featuring scores arranged by Jimmy Van Pootz, but themes *not* composed by Alfred Newman.

The winner will receive a copy of Jimmy Van Pootz’ 2010 autobiography ‘I Make Music Much Good: Songs Tasty Like Ovaltine.’



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