Media Writings



KQEK_logoAs writer / editor / publisher, I manage the media site to which I’ve contributed more than 1500+ film reviews, 300+ soundtrack reviews, and podcast interviews archived at iTunes, Libsyn, SoundCloud, and YouTube.


RueMorgue_banner_logo_sAs one of Rue Morgue Magazine‘s longtime writers, I’ve similarly contributed reviews, interviews, profiles, blogs, and buyer’s guides. Prior media writings have appeared in Canadian Screenwriter, Film Score Monthly, and Music from the Movies.


HotDocs2015_logoAs an accredited journalist, I’ve also covered screenings at Hot Docs, TJFF (Toronto Jewish Film Festival), and TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival), and acted as a consultant, presenter, and interviewer at the 2012 TJFF for the sidebar series “The Sound of the Movies: Masters of the Film Score.”


BHA_logo_sI also publish the filmmaking site Big Head Amusements, which features  making-of details on my various film and visual art projects, practical info on blending vintage SD analogue with modern HD video gear, and links to archived samples on Vimeo and YouTube.


BlaclMuseum_teaser_imageIn 2013, I was invited by Toronto’s Black Museum to conduct a lecture, “Black Give Ballads: The Art of the Italian Giallo Soundtrack.” I also edited supporting montages of music and film extracts, and the lecture’s contents are currently being expanded into a book project.


Freitag_Loiselle cover_mMy interest in / modest obsession with Can Con films resulted contributing the chapter “Rituals (1977): Creating the Forest Slasher within the Canadian Tax Shelter Era” for upcoming textbook Canadian Horror Film: Terror of the Soul, edited by Andre Loiselle with Gina Freitag, slated for a fall 2015 publication by U of T Press.



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