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RM133_cvr_sLike the interviews at, I’ve had the pleasure to speak with composers, soundtrack producers, and heavy collectors – each person supporting the importance of film music as an art form, and a viable commercial product for specialty consumers.

Each piece is supported by RM’s usual amazing art direction, adding extra depth to the words.


October, 2013, Issue 138, “Keyed for Kills” – Top 5 Goblin scores with interview comments by guitarist Massimo Morante.

September, 2013, Issue 137,  – “Apocalypse C” – interview with World War Z composer Marco Beltrami.



May 2010, Issue 100, “Killing the Silence ” – Interview with Hobgoblin maestro Strephon Taylor, and giving Murnau’s Nosferatu a new prog-rock spin.

January / February, 2010, Issue 97, “Monstrous Moments ” – Interview with composer Christopher Gordon, regarding his score for the vampire film Daybreakers.



January / February 2009, Issue 86, “The Frequency of Fear ” – Interview with composer Elia Cmiral, regarding his scores in the horror realm, including The Deaths of Ian Stone and Splinter.



December 2007, Issue 72, “The Lighter Side of Dexter ” – Interview with Daniel Licht, the inventive composer of the hit TV series Dexter.

August 2007, Issue 70, page 73, “Songs for Sick People ” – Interview with Lucky Mckee’s longtime composer, Jaye Barnes Luckett. [Note: an extended version is available at]

April 2007, Issue 66, page 77, “King of the Monster Music Collectors” – Interview with Japanese monster movie music collector and website creator Larry Tuczynski. [Note: an extended version is available at].



December 2006, Issue 63, page 73, “Euro-Shock Sounds” – interview with producer Luca Di Silverio, in a profile of Italy’s DigitMovies Alternative Entertainment.

July 2006, Issue 58, page 19 [sidebar], “Sounds of the Underground” – interview with David Julyan, regarding his score for The Descent.

Issue 54, page 89, “Monstrous Movie Music” – brisk profile of record label Monstrous Movie Music and their latest albums of digitally recorded suites from vintage sci-fi and horror films.