Articles (selections)


Issue 27, pages 64-65, “Rare Vinyl” – 3rd & final in series, covering eccentric early stereo & bogus stereo releases, including One-Eyed Jacks, Tunes Of Glory, The Hustler, The Gene Krupa Story, and The Moon Is Blue.



Issue 25, pages 46-50, “Alien 25th Anniversary Special” — Detailed analysis of Jerry Goldsmith’s score for Ridley Scott’s Alien.



Issue 23, pages 35-37, “Rare Vinyl: A Consumer’s Guide” – 2nd in series, covering eccentricities of rare, legit & outlandish LPs, including The Roots Of Heaven, The Caine Mutiny, The Film Music Of Bernard Herrmann (Twisted Nerve / The Bride Wore Black / Hangover Square), Rhapsody Of Steel, On The Beach, and Klute.



Issue 22, pages 29-32, “Vinyl Revival” – forget pricey limited & “boutique” CDs, and celebrate the beauty of sweet-sounding dead tech in this comparative piece on lousy CD releases and superior vinyl issues.



Issue 18, pages 34-36, “For Promotional Purposes Only” – on trendy (and legitimate) composer promo CDs.



Issue 16, Pages 46-48, “Bernard Herrmann’s Taxi Driver” — Detailed analysis of Bernard Herrmann’s final score.



Issue 13, pages 34-35, “And Then There Were Bootlegs” – on the sudden burp of bootleg labels during the 1990s.



Issue 8, 14-15, “2001: A Space Odyssey – A Conflict Revisited” — Essay comparing Alex North’s original score for the film and rejected by director Stanley Kubrick, with famous classical pieces used in the final film.



Issue 1, pages 15-16 — Analysis of Ennio Morricone’s score for William Friedkin’s Rampage.