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RM133_cvr_s Rue Morgue magazine is the pre-eminent publication on horror in contemporary culture.

I’ve divided my ongoing contributions – archived as JPEG scans – into three sections: Blu-ray + DVD Reviews, Essays, Interviews, and Soundtrack Reviews. In a few rare cases, articles or interviews were expanded into much longer forms at, and I’ve provided both links to the print and longer online versions.






SELECTED HIGHLIGHTS  [jpeg scans of print versions] :


12__01_02__MysteriousIsland_sDVD Review of Mysterious IslandRay Harryhausen’s classic 1961 adaptation of Jules Verne’s classic novel. Released on Blu-ray by Twilight Time.




10__10__Psycho_BH_a_sEssay “The Psychology of Strings” [ Parts One and Two ] – An appreciation of Bernard Herrmann’s landmark all-string score for Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, fifty years strong and still terrifying.

Featuring comments by composers John Frizzell, Michael Wandmacher, Austin Wintory, and Christopher Young.

Additional comments were integrated in a follow-up blog at Rue Morgue.


13__09__WWZ_Beltrami_sInterview with composer Marco Beltrami regarding his epic score for the vampire film World War Z.





13__05__UKCDs_sSoundtrack review and overview: “A Union of Horror Scores: From Hammer Classics to Contemporary Skin Crawlers, We Pick the Top Ten British Horror Soundtracks“.



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