Rue Morgue / Soundtrack Reviews

RM133_cvr_s In addition to reviewing soundtracks for RM, there are additional reviews I wrote for Music from the Movies and, all of which cover a broad spectrum of music styles by various generations of composers from different backgrounds – making assessing the music for TV, films, shorts, documentaries, and video games so much fun.


Issue 147: August 2014: CD reviews Escape from L.A. and Psycho II.



Issue 146: July 2014: CD reviews Wolf Creek II and Proxy.



Issue 145: June 2014: CD review Oculus.



Issue 144: May 2014: CD reviews The Fearless Vampire Killers and Scream in the Dark.



Issue 143: April 2014: CD review Dead Rising 3.



Issue 142: March 2014: CD reviews Maniac Cop 2, and Castlevania – Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate.



Issue 141: January-February 2014: CD review Halloween 35th Anniversary Collection.



Issue 140: December 2013: CD reviews of Insidious, Chapter 2, L’Isola dei morti viventi, New Goblin: Tour 2013, and The Golem (HobGoblin).

Issue 139: November 2013: CD reviews of Castlevania, Lords of Shadow.

Issue 137: September 2013: CD review of Byzantium.

Issue 136: August 2013: CD reviews  of Dark Skies, Dressed to Kill, Last Exorcism 2.

Issue 135: July 2013: CD reviews  of Antiviral, Willard (2003).

Issue 134: June 2013: CD reviews  of She-Demons / The Astounding She-Monster, The Hole (2009).

Issue 133: May 2013: CD reviews  of Poltergeist (LP), The Fury (2 CDs), Warm Bodies + “A Union of Horror Scores: From Hammer Classics to Contemporary Skin Crawlers, We Pick the Top Ten British Horror Soundtracks.”

Issue 132: April 2013: CD reviews  of Mama (2013), The Relic, The Last Man on Earth.

Issue 131: March 2013: CD reviews  of Sharktopus, Brain from the Planet Arous / Teenage Monster, Hellraiser / Hellraiser II.

Issue 130: January / February 2013: CD reviews  of Spiders 3D, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, Black Sabbath (Les Baxter).



Issue 129: December 2012: CD reviews  of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, Truth or Dare, Dead Souls.

Issue 128: November 2012: CD reviews  of Frankenweenie (2012), and Friday the 13th (1980).

Issue 127: October 2012: CD reviews  of I Married a Monster from Outer Space / Atomic City, Lady in a Cage, When a Stranger Calls (1979).

Issue 126: September 2012: CD reviews  of Rosemary’s Baby, and Prometheus.

Issue 125: August 2012: CD review  of Predator.

Issue 124: July 2012: CD review  of The Cabin in the Woods.

Issue 123: June 2012: CD reviews The Raven / An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe, and The Masque of the Red Death.

Issue 122: May 2012: CD reviews  of Wolfen (James Horner), and The Dead (2010).

Issue 121: April 2012: CD reviews  of The Woman in Black (2012), The Lost Skeleton Returns Again, and Underworld: Awakening.

Issue 119: January / February 2012: CD reviews  of The Thing (2011), Mimic (expanded), and Chillerama presents Zom-B-Movie.



Issue 116: October 2011: CD reviews  of Dexter: Season 6, The Shrine, Hammer Legacy: The Frankenstein Collection, and Hammer Legacy: The Vampire Collection.

Issue 115: September 2011: CD reviews  of Scream, and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Vol. 1.

Issue 114: August 2011: CD reviews  of Black Sunday [1960], Heartless, and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

Issue 113: July 2011: CD reviews  of The Blob [1988], The Monster That Challenged the World, and It! The Terror from Beyond Space.

Issue 112: June 2011: CD review  of Audrey Rose.

Issue 111: May 2011: CD reviews  of Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus: The Monster Film Music of Chris Ridenhour, Drive Angry, and House of Usher.

Issue 110: April 2011: CD reviews  of Season of the Witch, The Rite, and Poltergeist.

Issue 109: March 2011: CD reviews  of Carrie, Dead Rising 2, and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.

Issue 108: January / February 2011: CD reviews of Alien Resurrection, Giallo, and Mirrors 2.



Issue 107: December 2010: CD reviews of Drammi Gotici (Gothic Dreams) and The Horde (2009).

Issue 106: November 2010: CD reviews of Resident Evil: Afterlife and The Wicker Man (1973).

Issue 105: October 2010: CD reviews of Piranha 3D, Predators, Vampires Suck, and Earth vs. the Spider (1958).

Issue 104: September 2010: CD reviews of The Beast Within (1981), Night Child + Evil Eye + Voices from Beyond, Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Issue 103: August 2010: CD reviews of Theater of Blood and Dead Like Me.

Issue 102: April 2010: CD review of A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010).

Issue 101: June 2010: CD reviews of Clash of the Titans (2010), Shiver and Prophecy (1979).

Issue 100: May 2010: CD reviews of The Crazies (2010), Grace (2009) and The Wolfman (2010).

Issue 99: April 2010: CD reviews of The EntityThe Descent Part 2Silent Night Bloody Night and The Caller.

Issue 98: March 2010: CD reviews of The Fourth KindPandorumThe House of the Devil + I Can See You.

Issue 97: January / February 2010: CD reviews of Night of the CreepsThe Definitive Horror Music Collection.



Issue 96: December 2009: CD reviews of Trick ‘r TreatZombieland and Clive Barker’s Book of Blood.

Issue 95: November 2009: CD reviews of The Believers and True Blood TV series.

Issue 94: October 2009: CD reviews of Home: The Horror StoryOrphan (2009), Monsters vs. Aliens and Drag Me to Hell.

Issue 93: September 2009: CD reviews of Mars Attacks! (expanded) and 28 Weeks Later (expanded).

Issue 92: August 2009: CD reviews of Laid to Rest, Transylvania 6-5000Korgoth of Barbaria, and No-Do ( aka The Beckoning).

Issue 91: July 2009, page 63: CD reviews of Something Wicked This Way Comes and Twilight Zone: The Movie.

Issue 90: June 2009, page 63: CD reviews of Boogeyman and The Last House on the Left (2009).

Issue 89: March 2009, page 63: CD reviews of Twisted Nerve / The Bride Wore Black, The Unborn (2008), The Uninvited (2008), Twilight (2008) and My Bloody Valentine 2009.

Issue 88: April 2009: CD reviews of Deathstalker II / Chopping Mall, Dracula vs. Frankenstein, and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (score album).

Issue 87: March 2009: CD reviews of Rogue, Prince of Darkness 2-CD, and Let the Right One In.

Issue 86: January / February 2009: CD reviews of Rest Stop: Don’t Look BackSpecies (expanded CD), and a sidebar on Harkit’s expanded Rosemary’s Baby CD. [ Read Parts One and Two ]



Issue 85: December 2008: CD reviews of Mirrors, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer.

Issue 84: November 2008: CD reviews of Death Race, Midnight Meat Train (score) and Invaders from Mars 2-CD.

Issue 83: October 2008, pages 127-128: CD reviews of Hellboy II: The Golden Army, The Midnight Meat Train (song CD), The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and Shutter. [ Read Parts 1 and 2 ]

Issue 82: September 2008: CD reviews of The Abandoned, The Dark Hour / Home Delivery and The Cottage.

Issue 81: August 2008: CD reviews of The Eye, The Rage and Sentenced to Misery.

Issue 80: July 2008: CD reviews of The Mist, Doomsday, La terza madre and Joshua.

Issue 79: June 2008: CD reviews of Resident Evil: Extinction and The Girl Next Door.

Issue 78: May 2008: CD reviews of Haunting Villisca, Jaws 3-D.

Issue 77: April 2008: CD review of Mad Doctor of Blood Island.

Issue 76: March 2008: CD reviews of La morta ha fatto l’uovo, The Other Side, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, and The Monster Squad.

Issue 75: January / February 2008: CD reviews of Rivilazioni di un maniaco sessuale al capo della squadra mobile and 30 Days of Night.



Issue 74: December 2007: CD reviews of 28 Weeks Later, D-War (aka Dragon Wars) and The Last Winter.

Issue 73: November 2007: CD reviews of Vacancy, I Know Who Killed Me.

Issue 72: October 2007: CD reviews of John Carpenter’s The Thing, The Invasion, Sei iellato amico hai incontrato sacramento /I due volti della paura, Skinwalkers, and Hostel II. [Read Parts One and Two and Three]

Issue 71: September 2007: CD reviews of Blood and Chocolate and La tarantola dal ventre nero.

Issue 70: August 2007: CD reviews of Bug, Snakes on a Plane, Shadow in the Trees and The Changeling.

Issue 69: July 2007: CD reviews of The Dead Girl, Dead Silence.

Issue 68: June 2007: CD reviews of Fido, L’isola degli uomini pesce, The Reaping, Greatest Science Fiction Hits V. [Read Parts One and Two]

Issue 67: May 2007: CD reviews of El Topo/The Holy Mountain, The Host, Deadly Friend, Marcus, 300. [Read Parts One and Two]

Issue 66: April 2007: CD reviews of Spasmo, L’iguana dalla lingua di fuoco, Pan’s Labyrinth. [Read Parts One and Two]

Issue 65: March 2007: CD reviews of Una vergine tra i morte viventi, Frostbite, Troll.

Issue 64: January/February 2007: CD reviews of The Grudge 2, The Dark.



Issue 63: December 2006: CD reviews of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Headspace, Who Saw Her Die?, Death Walks on High Heels, and What Have They Done to Solange? [ Read Parts One and Two]

Issue 62: November 2006: CD reviews of Slither, Pulse, The Omen, Monster House.

Issue 61: October 2006: CD reviews of Abominable, Dawn of the Goblin, Out of the Darkness, Gag, Wolf Creek. [ Read Parts One and Two ]

Issue 60: September 2006: CD review of Ennio Morricone: Fear boxed set.

Issue 59: August 2006: CD review of When a Stranger Calls.

Issue 58: July 2006: CD reviews of The Hills Have Eyes, An American Haunting, Bay of Blood/Baron Blood, Whip and the Body/Blood and Black Lace. [Read Parts One and Two]

Issue 57: June 2006: CD reviews of Underworld: Evolution, This Island Earth.

Issue 56: May 2006: CD reviews of Hostel, King Kong vs. Godzilla.

Issue 54: March 2006: CD reviews of The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Cave, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Skeleton Key.

Issue 53: January 2006: CD reviews of The Corpse Bride, The Fog, Land of the Dead, The Fly/The Fly II.