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  • The Interior (2015) + BSV 1172 to Premiere at SDUFF 2016 August 31, 2016
    Review of Trevor Juras' thriller The Interior (2015), new on DVD from Syndicado, plus some news tidbits, and BSV 1172 set to premiere at SDUFF 2016!
  • DVD: Interior, The (2015) August 31, 2016
    Trevor Juras’ feature film debut borrows a bit from The Blair Witch Project (1999) in being a compact, simple story with basic surrounding natural elements to tease and built tension, ultimately giving audiences more than a fair share of scares...
  • That’s Sexploitation? Alright Then! + Suspect Video’s Slow Fade to Black August 28, 2016
    Review of Frank Henenlotter's vivid and very epic genre chronicle That's Sexploitation! (2013) on Blu from Severin Films + an Editor's Blog on creating a Plan B in the event bricks & mortar shops like Toronto's iconic Suspect Video begin to close in rapid succession.

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  • --- Interview with film composer Nima Fakhrara (2016) July 14, 2016
    In my latest conversation with Iranian-American composer Nima Fakhrara, we touch upon some of the organic experimentation that gives his recent horror score The Girl in the Photographs its eerie tenor, and the fusion of Persian and vintage electronic sounds for 1979 Revolution: Black Friday (of which both soundtrack albums are available digitally and on CD f
  • --- The Mask (1961) + The Canadian Horror Film: Terror of the Soul book launch (2015) May 16, 2016
      This partial Editor's Blog features edited excerpts from the pre-screening intros of Julian Roffman's The Mask (1961), Canada's first feature-length 3D and horror film, screened in 2012 and 2015 at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. The 2012 extract focuses on the fragile state of a rare 35mm  print and the 3D process, while the 2015 extract covers bot

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  • The Mask (1961) Visual Podcast HD Excerpts + Related Links May 16, 2016
    As I stated in the Editor’s Blog at, I felt the two pre-screening intros excerpted in the podcast that accompanies the review of KINO’s The Mask (1961) 3D Blu-ray and DVD needed a bit of oomph, and the fact Julian Roffman’s film was in anaglyph 3D gave me an excuse to draft up some trippy supporting images for the visual podcast on’s YouTub
  • Scanners (1981) Visual Podcast HD Excerpts + Related Links May 2, 2016
    Tied to a post-Scanners screening and Q&A between actor Stephen Lack and NOW Magazine's Norman Wilner are a trio of bonus media links: a visual podcast version of the Q&A; HD excerpts on Vimeo and YouTube featuring images stemming from a vintage oscilloscope; and a shorty-short featurette showing the loading / playing / ejecting of a RCA CED vid
  • The FOR-A VTW-400 Video Typewriter: Dormant, Salvageable, or DOA? March 18, 2016
    A while ago I purchased a vintage two-part character generator by FOR-A, the VTW-400 Video Typewriter. Unit turns on, lights are fine, boards look good... and there's no signs of accepting and outputting any signal. I've posted details and a stills gallery of the guts in search of some suggestions for this once fancy-schmancy unit.