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  • Orphan Film: The White Reindeer / Valkoinen peura (1952) October 25, 2016
    Review of the little-known Finnish horror-drama The White Reindeer / Valkoinen peura (1952), directed by Erik Blomberg and co-written with actress Mirjami Kuosmanen.
  • DVD: White Reindeer, The / Valkoinen peura (1952) October 25, 2016
    Erik Blomberg’s eerie little film is part folk horror story, moral lesson, and a remarkable evocation of an expressionistic silent classic, with its reliance on striking B&W cinematography and music to hammer home the story of a woman who wants her husband to pay more attention to her instead of the reindeer herd...
  • An Interview with Director and Editor Victor Kanefsky October 22, 2016
    Podcast interview director and veteran editor Victor Kanesfky on the art of editing, spanning Art Bastard (2016), his recent documentary on artist Robert Cenedella, and editing the classic indie horror Ganja & Hess (1976) + graffiti doc Style Wars (1983).

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  • --- Interview with Victor Kanefsky, director of Art Bastard (2016) October 22, 2016
    Victor Kanefsky discusses the art of editing, structure, balance, and pacing in a conversation that spans both his latest directorial work, Art Bastard (2016), a lively documentary on painter Robert Cenedella, and his lengthy career as an editor in many genres, including horror (Ganja & Hess) and documentary (Style Wars). Visit for a film review
  • --- Interview with Cary Mansfield, Varese Sarabande's V.P. of A&R October 13, 2016
    In what’s hopefully the first in a series of vinyl related podcasts, I speak with Cary Mansfield, Varese Sarabande’s Vice President of A&R, about the label's recent trio of limited LP editions of catalogue titles – John Powell’s The Bourne Identity (2002), Don Davis’ The Matrix (1999), and Marco Beltrami’s Scream (1996) and Scream 2 (1997) – and the

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  • The Making-of ArtScopeTO October 17, 2016
    Brief making-of blog on ArtScopeTO, the first of an occasional series of short reportages on local artists in Toronto. Stills and video links illustrate the making of the short, including the use of a vintage B&K Precision oscilloscope.
  • Nuit Blanche Toronto 2016: Director X’s DEATH OF THE SUN October 3, 2016
    A short featurette I shot & edited on Director X's DEATH OF THE SUN from this past Saturday's Nuit Blanche Toronto 2016.
  • HD Podcast Montage Extracts + Stock Footage & Loops in mid-October October 1, 2016
    Some early news of Stock Footage & Loops from my Podcast Montages that will be available for purchase as royalty-free clips in mid-October + a link to the Trailer Intro, derived from analogue video gear.